How to find a business exit broker

So you have decided to sell your small business or company. The very first thing that crosses through the mind of most people (and rightfully so) is the question: how can I maximize the value of my exit? The key here is getting the right broker for the job. 

The task of finding the right partner to help you sell your business is no easy. There are countless examples of owners that ending up choosing the wrong broker or having a misaligned incentive structure with their broker. As a result, they fail to get the right buyer or fail to close a sale. The repercussions of choosing the wrong broker can be drastic.

However, if you choose the right intermediary for your business exit, there is a possibility of obtaining your exit goals. But how do you get to choose the right broker? Don’t panic because we have got you covered and in this article we are going to give some tips that you should apply when choosing a business exit broker. To start with, don’t try to find an exit broker on google, you might end up regretting after making huge losses. Follow the following tips and you can be sure of getting the right broker.

Look for attributes of a superstar

You just don’t hire a broker without looking for his or her attributes. A good broker that is not going to bring losses should be characterized by the following features.

Specialized experience

Experience is not just experience. When it comes to selling your business. A broker might have been in the game for more than 20 years and still not be the right choice for you. You need to go for a broker who is experienced in your line of your business. For example if you deal with electronics and you choose a broker who has been dealing with real estate for all his life, you might end up making losses no matter how talented he is. Having experience in your industry is vital.

The broker should also have some experience selling businesses and companies in your geographical market as well as within your price range. If the broker does not have this knowledge, it is very possible that his pricing and marketing efforts might fall short of your sales goals.

A verified track record 

The broker you are about to hire should be able to provide you with some reference of customers he or she have served before and they were satisfied with his efforts. If he is not willing to share this kind of information, it might be a red flag that he is not as good as he claims to be.

But when the broker gladly provides you with a list of customers who were more than satisfied to work with him it is a step towards the right direction. Follow up a few clients who were served and confirm the claims that he is a superstar. If the ones who you contact seem to agree that he is a star, then ask about his weaknesses and see if his qualities are enough to help you meet your objectives.

Connections and Networks

If a broker claims that he will be able to take your business from listing to closing alone without needing any help from anyone that is a bomb waiting to explode to your business. Excellent brokers usually have established connections with able lawyers, accountants as well as other local professionals.

Even if you are going to use your own lawyer, it is still important to confirm that the broker has good relationships with lawyers and other professionals in your locality. This will help you understand if the lawyer has been able to gain respect from them and if he has, then most certainly he is as good as he says.

Truthfulness and Trust

The most common barrier when it comes to selling your business is the pricing. Not many brokers are honest about the real worth of the business. Most of the brokers usually tell the clients what they want to hear. This can result to dragging during the sale of the business.

But a broker who is good and knows what he is doing will tell you up front the value of your business and other sensitive details of your business even though that’s not you might be wanting to hear. If the broker is that truthful and he has all the above qualities, there is a very high chance that he is going to make you profits.

Finding a Broker You can Trust

Now that you are equipped with the traits that you should look for, it is important to understand where to start your search.

Local Referrals

There is no better way of finding an excellent broker than from the local referrals. Do some research and find out whom is doing business listing in your area and then verify his or her qualifications discreetly using some of your industry contacts. Get all the information you need about him or her before considering to hire.

Legal and Financial Advice

There is a very high chance that your lawyer or accountant knows one or two brokers that are very good at their jobs. Keep them in the loop and ask them to help you identify the best broker for the job.

Online Directories

Many online directories are not very reliable but since you already know how to identify a good broker when you see one, you can look for some suggestions from online and assess a few of them before hiring one.

Chambers of Commerce

Most of the chamber of commerce and economic development offices usually possess up to date information about most of the local professional brokers included and they may be able to help you find an excellent broker. Just to protect your confidentiality, frame your questions in a general manner.

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