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Five letter .com domains are becoming ever more scarce. Finding a domain with a 5-letter combination that makes any sense, even more so.

Find all suitable 5-letter .com domains that are available for sale at Dragon Value.

Why .com domains?

There no way around it, .com is still the gold standards of the Top Level Domains (TLD). Use other TLDs and you run the risk of others owning the .com version. You should not underestimate the frequency of users assuming a .com ending when they type in a domain.

Owning the .com domain simply protects your brand value.

Why 5-letters?

Three or four-letter combinations are getting very hard to find for a reasonable price. 5 letter combinations are a bit easier to source.

If done right, 5-letter domains can be used to construct words that are unique and easy to remember.

Instead of creating a brand name and then trying to find a domain for it, why not find a domain that you can create a brand around? Trust us, it’s way easier.

Spelling and Usability

All 4-letter .com domain names had already been registered by 2018. Although there are still plenty of 5-letter .com domains unregistered, most usable combinations have been registered.

If you exclude numbers and hyphens, there are 11,881,376 combinations of 5 letter domains possible (compared to 456,976 possible 4-letter combinations).

Domains are constantly being registered and dropped by webmasters, but overall we can assume that about 20-30% of the 5-letter domains have been taken. At the same time, we can also assume that at least 60% of the possible combinations are not pronounceable.

On the secondary market, transaction prices vary greatly, from $500 to $600,000. Which makes perfects sense, crptc.com is in no way comparable in value with a domain name that has meaning, such as place.com ($550,000) or asset.com ($406,000).

5-letter .com domains available for sale

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